4 Reasons to Go On Vacation in Dubai

Dubai is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. It’s full of all sorts of amazing attractions, including skyscrapers and top-quality buildings.

Dubai also has gorgeous beaches, sand dunes, and all-inclusive accommodation options. This city once emerged from desert and now attracts tourists from around the globe.

Tallest Building in the World

If it’s architecture you’re looking for, Dubai is the place to be. Thanks to world-renowned architects who come to the United Arab Emirates, daring, never-before-seen designs are being made into reality.

In Dubai alone, an unimaginable number of ultra-tall buildings have been constructed in just a few years. One of them is Burj Khalifa (160 floors), and while it might not be in Tokyo or New York City, it holds claim as the tallest building in the world.

Sky scrapers can also be found on artificial islands which have become architectural wonders in their own right.

Furthermore, thanks to some stylish new development projects, there are plenty of floating houses dotting Dubai archipelago – perfect for sun worshippers who want a view of tropical marine life that rivals any of those found closer to shore.

The city may also boast what’s considered one of the best hotels in the world: THE BURJ AL ARAB (seven stars). And, if you’re into shopping malls too – they’re absolutely everywhere!

Finally, if you still want more luxuries PLUS dangerous wildlife – there are plenty of opportunities for that here. Book your next vacation in Dubai!

Desert and Water Slides

When you get tired of the hustle and bustle of the city, you can head out to the desert. Tours with camels through the desert are organized every day. If you want to experience authentic Arabian culture, try dining by sunset on the sand next to your camel.

There are also reports that night parties in the desert are another unforgettable experience.

Furthermore, one thing people forget about is some of Dubai’s water parks like Wild Wadi which has water slides aimed at taking your breath away, or a park dedicated to Atlantis with an aquarium filled with at least 65 thousand species of fish from all over the world.

Amazing Food Variety

As a foreigner in Dubai, you might be surprised to find that food can be quite affordable. In some inexpensive sushi bars, you can eat as much sashimi as possible all day for only 20 euros.

So, you can take the bus and spend the whole day relaxing at the restaurant and eating sushi. As Dubai is such a diverse and multicultural city with over 20% of the total population being Arab, you’ll find every cuisine from Indian to French to American or Chinese food.

Prices vary depending on the type of cuisine that you want and how much you’re craving it; additionally, many places offer happy hours at which time dishes are offered at different prices. In any case, there are so many options for eating food in Dubai that you will not go hungry or spend too much money.

Guaranteed Safety and Hospitality

One of the main reasons Dubai is so popular among tourists is because it offers zero crime rates and world-class hospitality. Many would say that it’s easy to achieve this with a lot of money from the rich Arabs, which is partially true.

However, much of Dubai’s success comes from their culture and tradition–the same traditional values that people also uphold in this city. There’s no debate about whether Dubai should be on your bucket list or not–it’s one world-famous oasis that you can’t miss out on!

You’ll earn well in the professional sector there and there are no taxes–despite some cultural differences, it has adapted to Western lifestyles quite well. The people aren’t only hard-working, they’re also laid-back and make great friends when they’ve learnt to get to know others around them.

Entertainment is an integral part of their culture, even though they work hard. They will always find time to have fun by watching sporting events or going online for an evening of casino games at our top UAE regulated casinos!

The best time to come to Dubai is from June to September, when it’s warm and sunny. If you’re looking for crisp, cool days and fresh air, then you can stay anytime except these months.

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