7 Things to Know Before You Buy an Engagement Ring Online

Online shopping has made it easier than ever to find goods from all over the world. This is especially true for jewelry and luxury goods such as Moissanite rings and jewellery.

Despite this, people are often cautious when it comes to expensive purchases such as these, so they do research before buying anything.

While there are some huge jewelry stores in major cities, we’ve really seen an explosion there in recent years. Plus, shoppers can now find rings that would typically be only available at high-end stores by visiting websites like Instagram, Pinterest, or Etsy.

1.Consider the Terms and Conditions

It pays to be aware of what to expect and when different phases happen during the design process.

You need to know if you can cancel your purchase and receive a refund. Pay attention because there are major differences in the rights that you have depending on where you’re buying from.

2.Purchase only from reliable sources

Whether you’re purchasing Moissanite stones or jewelry, it’s important to verify the legitimacy of any online reviews. You should seek verification on both stones and sellers to ensure they are as represented, and came from ethical sources. When you purchase Moissanite stones, a trader must have their complete address clearly listed on their website.

A post office box or email address is not sufficient. If the trader has only recently launched a website, it’s best to keep searching for a more established shop elsewhere.

3.Prioritise the use of credit cards

To purchase an engagement ring online, use a credit card if possible. If not, use a debit card that’s secured by a well-known credit card provider. Never send cash or wire transfer money because you won’t be able to get your money back if there are any issues later.Check your card statement after using the website to be sure you were charged the correct amount and that no strange transactions occurred on the account.

4.Request to see a video

When shopping for an engagement ring, videos will often be preferable to still images. This is because videos can provide a better sense of the stone quality due to the use of added sparkles and polish in still images.

If you’re trying to buy a ring for someone else, ask the vendor if they have any video footage of someone wearing it. Even a simple video could be valuable in determining ring size and fit.\

5.Obtain the purchase price in advance

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