How To Style Long Sleeve Dresses As A Wedding Guest

It might not seem like a big deal to spend weeks planning the perfect dress for an event when you’re just a guest, but the air of formality at the party will give you incentive to look your best.

From sexy off-the-shoulder dresses to simple long sleeve numbers, you’ll be looking great whether you’re attending a formal affair or a semi-casual soirée.

Long Sleeve Dress Tips For Weddings

Whether you’re planning an afternoon party with lots of sunshine and bright colors or an evening party with the alluring feel of the moon under the skin, a long sleeve dress is a definite way to stay cool while you plan every moment.

A fashionable long sleeve dress will leave you feeling confident as you dance and party away. There’s no need to worry about your perfect look – here’s how you can style your long sleeve dresses for weddings and parties of all occasions.

Choosing The Fabric Of Your Sleeve Dress

Wearing long sleeve dresses in the summer is a nightmare because they can be itchy and constricting.

Once you decide to wear a dress with sleeves to a wedding, the next step is to choose the ideal fabric for your needs. Light and breathable options such as lace, chiffon, and silk crepe are much cooler than the heavyweight choices that might not breathe at all.

Comfortable Dress Styles For Any Season

Here are some of the benefits of wearing a long-sleeved dress in the summer:

  • – You can dress it up with a stylish top or cardigan
  • – It will provide extra warmth when temperatures begin to drop
  • – If you’re looking to create a classic, work look, then why not try pairing your long-sleeved dress with a blazer, belt, and pumps?

No matter how you wear your dress, you’ll still look and feel great. With pearls, crystal rhinestones, and sparkly sequins for extra glam, you can bring your look to the next level!

Sounds like a pretty good solution for the summer’s endless list of weddings? It’s also perfect for the bride-to-be, who doesn’t want competition from her own guest’s style statements.

Keep Cooling Products and Items Handy

You can use the cooling patches worn by parents to reduce fever in children, as well as provide relief from heat and sweat. These patches stick to the skin and provide 8 hours of cooling relief under your dress. Deodorants can also help provide relief to our body’s natural heat.

Men’s deodorants are typically more effective than women’s, plus, they have neutral scents. They’re also better suited for individuals with sensitive skin or those who prefer using natural deodorants and cosmetics.

If you want a little extra help keeping cool on hot days, carry a hand fan, spray bottle, water bottles and even perfume rollerballs with you during summer storms!

Final Touch Ups

It’s important that you invest in the quality dress pieces. Brands like Sunset Fashion offer great long sleeve dresses, so we would recommend buying from them.

Once you have these staples, your wedding outfit is nearly complete. Along with the proper accessories, you’ll look fab on your big day! You’ll never need to sweat it out worrying about how to keep cool in a long sleeve dress when you use this article as your guide.

The mood of your hair and makeup depends on the style of dress you choose (think summer or winter). Either way, we’re sure that you’ll be elegantly dressed and looking fresh all day long.

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