Insights into the World of Diamond Rings for Women

Diamond rings don’t just wear rings, they wear it! You don’t need to be engaged or married before you start your collection of diamond rings. Besides, a plain gold wedding band is a better investment than other designs with stones. But why resist the allure of a sparkling diamond or two?

Although diamond rings for women have been popular since centuries, their design and appearance evolves to accommodate current fashion. In short, there isn’t one size that fits all.

Buying rings for any special occasion is like buying clothes: it’s a fun and personal experience.

Since most women want their stone-studded jewelry to last a lifetime, there are always plenty of styles on offer to choose from – from artsy to traditional pieces. It’s no surprise that most women spend excessive time searching for gems that set them apart from the crowd…

Antique diamond rings

If you’re at a loss for what to give your loved one, consider going with the tried-and-true. Vintage engagement rings are elegant, timeless, and classy (not to mention durable).

They give off a sophisticated vibe that can only enhance your love affair. Diamond rings with prongs or bezels are the most popular style. Despite their age, they have retained their beauty and worth as pieces of art.

Dazzling solitaire diamond rings

Styles of engagement rings are endless. One thing that doesn’t change is the cut of the diamond. Engagement rings can be set in gold, platinum, or both. You can customise your ring depending on which metal you prefer.

For example, a single diamond goes wonderfully with a thin band or a simple setting style. If you’re looking to switch up your style, there are plenty of options available.

No matter where you purchase your ring, you’ll have no problem finding the right type as long as it’s cut well and in-style. Getting a companion band is now easier.

Rings with pavé diamonds

You don’t need to concern yourself with the metal – it’s more of a supporting character in Pavé diamonds.

There seems to be barely enough metal to hold the stones together, yet they are the centre of attention. You can wear either princess or round-cut stones in these rings, and you don’t need to worry about them coming loose because the setting is incredibly sturdy.

To sum it up!

Diamond rings are a popular and meaningful gift for any occasion, and they always carry significance. The jeweler here at Vaibhav Jewellers know this, which is why we offer an endless selection of diamond rings in a wide range of shapes, cuts, colors, and carat weights. Browse our online catalogue to find the perfect item for you!

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