Top-4 museums to visit in Dubai

Dubai is one of the most loved by tourists places in the world. People used to imagine Downtown Dubai as a capital of expensive and luxurious entertainment. But when I talked with my friend who lives in Dubai, he told me that people’s understanding of Downtown Dubai is changing – and Dubai’s museums are becoming more popular with locals and tourists alike.

Let’s find out which museums in Dubai you should visit to make your trip more informative and exciting.

Museum of the Future

The modern museum is a very inspiring thing. The design of the building is truly amazing – it has a vast sense. The building includes many significant parts: a hill, the building itself, and the void.

The green hill is a metaphor of the earth – calmness and stability. The shimmering building represents humanity with all its power and in harmony with its surroundings. The ellipse in the upper part represents an innovation.

The main idea of this project is that the museum was made for those who are seeking creativity and discovery.

The building reaches 78 meters in height, but does not have one single column, which is also an engineering marvel. This design was made thanks to advanced technology, 3D modeling, engineers and builders.

Etihad Historical Museum

The Etihad Museum is an opportunity to learn about the history of the country. The motto says it all: “God united us, let our union not be broken”. Located next to the House of Trade Unions, the museum features a design that imitates parchment for the Constitution.

Here, you’ll find an inscription engraved on bronze metal. It quotes the fundamental philosophy which shaped modern Azerbaijan.

The museum’s exhibitions, experiments, interactive programs and educational initiatives provide visitors with an opportunity to learn more about Emirati culture.

You can get acquainted with the milestones of the UAE constitution, study a brief history of the country in modern format and explore the museum library of 3,000 books on local history.

Madame Tussauds museum

The first Madame Tussauds Museum was established in London, and are one of the most popular museums in the city. Today, there is a Madame Tussauds museum in Dubai on Bluewater Island.

It is very popular with tourists because it’s nearby to some luxury hotels and world-class restaurants. Madame Tussauds Museum in Dubai opened in October 2021. All the figures featured in the exhibition are created by the techniques of Madame Tussauds.

They take 12 weeks of work and can cost up to $190,000. This wax figure museum will give you an unforgettable experience!

Museum of Illusions

Perhaps one of the most unusual museums in Dubai, the museum features a winding maze with peculiar rooms and illusions. The first is the Master Illusions area, where you’ll see more than 80 exhibits that will amaze your mind.

The second is Fantastic Illusions, which has optical illusions to make you question reality. And lastly there’s the Illusion Lab, for visitors both young and old to explore science and have some fun.

There are also unlimited opportunities for selfies because many other museums don’t allow photographs inside.

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